checking in (ayesha)

This is Ayesha, poking my head in to say hello. I’m heading to Montpellier in a couple weeks, on the 27th infact. So far I’ve got a plane ticket but no passport and nowhere to live when I get there, so drinking a cocktail of trepidation and excitement, sticking in my throat a little with sadness at going far from lovedones. At the moment everything seems to be ending, my goodbyes are getting more gung ho by the minute because the amount of love can’t be squeezed into a hug and some halfstumbled phrases. A year isn’t so long I guess, and I think I’ll be back in the country at christmas, but it’s definitely the end of an era and a tipping point. Deep breaths all round.

Not feeling partics loquacious just now so will sign off, more another time. Love x


(this is quite close to what I see if I try and imagine Montpellier. wondering if I’m going to become super sophisticated to chameleon in with this trop trendy city..?)

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