tuesday evening in sheffield (ayesha)

It is a bit strange to have Amina gone, but I’m super excited to know she’s on the other side of the world and that stops me feeling sad. Mum once said that when we go away it just feels like the communal family tentacle is stretched a bit further, and I totally understand that now. It feels like we have an unbreakable web stretching between us; I think it’s pretty cool that we can reach so far across the earth’s surface.

Frenchy preparations are going well; not much needs to be done now that I have a passport and a plane ticket. The third essential thing is somewhere to live, and I am in contact with a few potential people in Montpellier. Enjoying sending terse, business-like emails in French and getting terse, business-like replies. I’m not sad about leaving Sheffield. I will miss everyone but I think I’ve grown out of that frantic bereft feeling of being incomplete when apart from people I love; I really do feel like we’re all connected anyway, and that the links that matter will last through any temporal or geographical distances. Mainly I’m looking forward to the adventure, to getting lost and confused in a new place, to being able to redefine myself again and figure out what I’m like apart from all the familiar landmarks of people and place, and and and to the sunshine!

In other news, Sasha is acting a bit weird since Amina’s departure. He keeps trying to eat my trousers (while I’m wearing them) and has got really territorial about one corner of the room. I’ve bought him some treats and made him a little house from a cardboard box, which I think he enjoyed the aesthetic of more than anything; below is a picture of him looking totally gangsta on his front porch.

Ayesha x


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4 Responses to tuesday evening in sheffield (ayesha)

  1. Oh God…
    Loveeeee xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Rabbits… tentacles….llamas……….other countries..???? x

  3. Landed here by serendipity!
    Hey Ayesha
    Bon chance. And pas d’elle y-rhône que nous!
    Have a great time out in Chile doing meaningful work Amina.
    Allah bless and support you all.

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