Lift off. Home sweet Chile

Time has just started to seem faster. Since we got here people have heard how long we are staying then shake their heads in disbelief, shake us a little for being so young and then transform their hand into a little airplane taking off to show us how fast the time will fly by. Well until now the hours have dripped by in agonizing newness and firsts. First going into a Chilean shop/supermarket/park and first being a teacher for the various grades. Ordering first hot drinks alone in the city and leaving eachother’s sides for first hours at a time.  Now we are coming onto the seconds and feeling settled.

The teaching is alright. I am becoming a formidable professor. I caught myself slamming my hand onto the table of a distracted, over happy eleven year old, not out of anger but in a measured, feigned disappreciation. Me and Beth also reward well for good work by allowing the exhausted child to choose from an array of fairly over enthusiastic stickers which they prize above all else.

We had the first lesson in the other school today where poorer kids from the countryside attend. The kids are less friendly and less enamored. In the other school, when the girls here where I am from, they clasp their hands and dream of London in England. And the teachers are more friendly because they all sit in one staff room and munch on bread and jam at break time spilling coffee down their throats in humor and listening to us making stuttered conversation in Spanish with the Principle.

Capoeira in Temuco on Friday was the thing that knocked me all into place. We went to the city in the morning to get some papers officialified with the head of English in Lautaro. He’s a young guy with the sort of North American accent that made me think he may be cynical but I was happy to find that he laughed easily at the right sort of chat. He left after we had sorted stuff and had lunch and me and Beth pulled ourselves through the corners by the traffic lights, choked with cold looking people and cars. People carry their babies in these swaddles of acrylic fleece that are light blue or light pink so that the babes just look like round soft shapes.

Beth left later and took the bus back when she got tired and the city got dusky and I sat in a coffee shop that glinted cinnamon colours in the dark. I sipped a layered coffee and wrote in my diary feeling like the perfect service that I was receiving was unjustified. The waiter asked where I was from in indecipherable yet elegant english and then ducked out of the way in relief once I had answered.  I took my time and then wriggled into capoeira gear in the toilets. The group worked hard and was fiery. They all laughed half mockingly and half fondly and made a lot of noise upon my introduction. When I got home, sore to the bone I had that excited feeling that can only mean a rough ride.

Mum and Dad de Chile just came in and both looked horrified and talked really fast at me, pointing at various parts of my pyjama clad bod. I realised after some explaining that I was being scolded for having wet hair and not wearing socks. The household is very full of girls in the evenings when me, Beth (now named Sammy and Bet), Lili and Annie are all in. Ruth scolds us all and tucks a bit more food into our helpless mouths and Sergio talks a lot. I still can hardly understand anything that Sergio says because of his accent. Only about a third of each word is emitted uneffected because he doesn’t really say any “s” or any other sounds that decipher one word from the next. Beth can understand him fine somehow but gets a bit funny when a response is needed so we have to help each other out.

I’m continuously anxious for the next thing that could be a challenge, right now, tomorrow’s school. Also we have to do a dance or something equally degrading on TV in November. So loving the idea of no duties at home with the rabbit right now but we’ll be alright. Just had airboxing and got capoeira tomorrow.

Much love all,

Amina xxx


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6 Responses to Lift off. Home sweet Chile

  1. jonnymdee says:

    Great! Obviously and predictably concerned about you being out in the evening by yourself! I can hear your diary notes being copied as opposed to the previous excited flurry of online blog entries… yes you are settling in by the second… Anyway, great you have so many interesting things to write about now in this new chapter in your life and it lends itself to your amusing travelogue style… keep it up! Things happen here too (we are in a foreign country now!), I’ll upload some photos. No time to write a life blog these days..! : 0

    Would love to see a bit of video, perhaps of a bus ride or something..? Possible?

    Can’t wait to see you on TV?! You’ll have to let us know the website or something….

    Pops xxxx

    • Don’t you worry Dad, The Chilean people on average are really friendly and you find a lot more people hoping to help you find your way while telling you about Chile than you find trouble. They also laugh at us a lot.
      I’d like to put a video up but my camera is still down and out. I’ve found out that it is the memory card so that’s good. I’ll try and buy a new one soon.
      Ohh, where are you?
      Lots of love,
      Amina xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. mumseee says:

    hi pompom. granny is extatic about your latest entry. i loved reading it too. my favorite bit was the phrase “equally degrading” i did a L.O.L.! ahmed was confused. he said “mum. that is not funny”. i replied “it is. it is VERY funny”. i have taken the sasha to the vet. in great style he travelled, in your laundry basket (filled with straw, lettuce, paper to eat and other treats). i think he was comforted by the residual wafts of smelly socks etc, reminded of you. anyway, we managed fine and i was very pleased (with myself).alhamdulillah, ! all back to school tomorrow. i am in a very good mood. lots of love mummy and Ahmed xxx

  3. Yahoo, well done Mum and Sash. What a team 🙂 Ohh, it’s that time of year when kiddies go back to school eh? Good stuff, you can have long days basking in the cake mix and vegetables and then watch finious and ferb after school. Best wishes to Dini for Carterknowle! I have to work with a lot of 7 year olds here and they all talk Spanish really fast with mournful cheeks and then look at me with a deep expectancy, well cute though and naughty.
    How are the lad-me-lads? Missing Ahmed and Shams lots.
    Loaaaaads of love for everyone!
    Amina xxxxxxx

  4. Robbie Jones says:

    These accounts read like the tribulations of wizened adventurer. It really suits you, and you are a truly brilliant writer. Nuff respect from the Old Country. Xx p.s. Sasha was delicious.

    • Rob, I’m glad Sasha was a Martyr in the end. He is sure to be a prince, adorned with jewels and virgins in the next life.
      Thanks! I’m glad your enjoying the reading. I enjoy writing because I’ve not left the homeland in heart so connecting up feels great.

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