une grande aventure

some things i have seen and heard –

an elderly couple playing in the sea, he was teaching her how to swim, she holding onto him giggling and thrashing about

a young couple introducing their baby girl to the sea, baby wearing yellow armbands absolutely loving the water, laughing and yelling for joy

when it rained and a little girl came out onto her balcony in her pants to do a little dance, then and old lady came out onto another balcony in her pants to get her washing in

my first ever crab! his little mouth went mlahmlahmlah and he had eyes on the top corners of his square head

a girl on a tram going past, standing facing the door dancing and miming to her headphone music

four kittens sitting by a ruined roman ampitheatre at night

the guy who plays the accordian in the house opposite ours, and the lady who sings opera in the house behind


^^ two pictures to supplement the words. am starting to feel homesick but am going to a ninjitsu class on saturday. so it all balances out.

heardsaw Sigur Ros playing last night in Arles, in an outdoor roman theatre, all rough hewn stone and tumbled grandeur, absolutely stunning. Arles is a beautiful town.
the song linked below i’ve loved for years, they played it last night and my heart nearly fell out of itself.

love to all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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6 Responses to une grande aventure

  1. jonnymdee says:

    Daughter you’re amazing! Diggin the music. Shall we come over? x

    • for sure, come! you’ll haf to stay in a hotel though, i could put you up for a night but my room and flat are pretty small. be lovely to see you both though, and montpellier is way cooler than it looked on those weird youtube videos 😉 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

      • jonnymdee says:

        Yes I bet it’s cooler than those weird videos! I was just looking at transport but don’t hold your breath! Something about a camper-van road trip…. Anyway do keep in touch x

  2. mumseee says:

    i love the balcony photo. it seems to have you in it even though i cant see you. . madinah and i watched the video of the naughty pensioners. nicely weird. dini thought it funny. its getting cooler here. i have bought a cozy jumper from h and m. it is grey with BRIGHT PINK PATCHES on the elbows!!!!!!! hooray hooraY hooray. just the ticket!.xxxxxxxxxxx

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