Today is a sure…

Today is a sure day to celebrate. Familia, Amigos, hoy dia yo y Beth logramos bien. Entramos el cozinar en la escuela para hablar con los profesores. Enserio, the kitchen at school has some sort of one in one out, single file policy and you have to have something to contribute if you want to go in cos it’s so small and the most chillaxed coolest teachers hang out there. Today we managed to bag ourselves a place and mingle appropriately. 

Blogging is a bit different now because things don’t seem really new anymore. More of the same, long winded confusion/appreciation. Everything is becoming more and more beautiful everyday here. Hotter and dustier. The evenings bring on beautiful sunsets and in the morning, pink mist.

I asked Ruth what creature howled all night. She said it’s dogs in the street crying because they have no food and are dying. Saddest thing.

I had a moment as I was going to collect in the clothes off the line that was very joyful. Living in strange circumstances can stifle emotion, I find, so when there is a sudden shine of something painful or pleasant it’s important to reflect. Thanks to Ma I read a good letter today about how you should feel everything as much as possible. It’s something that I forgot recently in my attempts to be strong. Best crack onto investing myself into love and mourning as I did when I was 15.

We have extended things to the past tense in the Spanish language and are using it semi-competently. Achievement.

All is well!

Much love to everyone got a lotta affection heading across the ocean at an unnatural speed so stand by.

Amina xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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2 Responses to Today is a sure…

  1. LOVE YOU SIS. chat soon. loads of things.
    kisses from french half of team xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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